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Alexis Chastity Tease 3 - Cuckold Coward
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I'm getting a real man tonight and I'm going to bring him home to fuck on your bed - right in front of you. You're not even going to say a thing about it either are you?... because you're just a beta, cuckold coward! You're a wimp who can't even satisfy me so your cock is staying locked in chastity while I fuck other men. You should feel so humiliated and ashamed of yourself - kneeling in the corner while your girl gets fucked and while I'm sucking on real-man cock. You don't deserve a girl like me - you don't know how to keep me happy but other guys do don't they cuckold. Other men get my tits, my hot body, my lips and my pussy – you get squished inside a chastity device and made to watch haha! It must break your poor cuckold heart seeing me climbing on top of real men right in front of you. Enjoying every second of the jealousy it's causing you. Your helpless cock all rejected inside it's little device while his is deep inside me - you must feel like such a loser huh? What would a real man do right now? Would he stand by and watch someone fuck his hot girlfriend? Would he kneel at the end of the bed with tears in his eyes? Would he be wincing in pain as the chastity device bites into his cock? Haha no cuckold - but that's exactly what a coward like you would do.
Alexis Reed
14/04/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelBrats - Alexis Chastity Tease 3 - Cuckold Coward - #cuckold