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Blackmailed Into Sissy Servitude
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Hi - I've just moved in next door and I thought I'd come over to say hi. Lucky you huh? You've got a hot new neighbour! I guess now you've got a new brat to spy on and jerk off to when you see me sunbathing in the garden right? Yeah - the last girl that lived in my new house warned me all about you - she told me all about how you used to drool over her and all her girlfriends. You look a little confused - allow me to explain. I know you're a pervert, I even know all about the hilarious bratty schoolgirl domination video clips you get off to and if you don't want your wife and the rest of my nice new neighbours to hear about it, you're gonna be my new sissy maid - just like in all those humiliation videos you love so much. I want you over at my house EVERY morning before work all dressed in your pretty maids uniform ready to get started. You'll make me and my housemates' breakfast, you'll help us get ready, tidy up our mess and then you can sneak home to get ready for you day job. You'll need to put in extra shifts to earn extra money to keep me quiet about all of this too! After work you'll put your maids' uniform back on to cook us dinner. You'll clean up and do our laundry we make fun of our poor blackmailed sissy maid. Then you can go home to wifey - ready to start over again in the morning!
Daisy Dillon
12/05/2019 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Blackmailed Into Sissy Servitude - #Blackmail