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Boo-hoo - Only Tissue for You-hoo
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This must be so totally humiliating for you - kneeling in front of your screen, your puny cock clenched inside your fist as you wait for the pretty girl to verbally abuse you. You're listening for whatever trigger words to take you over the edge and leave you with a handful of slimed tissue. Are you waiting for me to call you a faggot? a loser? a sissy? It's a fucking pathetic life you have jerking off into tissue paper while I ridicule you. It's pathetic but it's EXACTLY what a beta male reject like you deserves. You don't deserve to fuck girls - you certainly don't deserve to fuck HOT girls so what option do you have? None! You're disgusting and so is your cum so it gets flushed away with all the other waste. The closest you'll get to actually fucking one of us is by leaking your loser load into a fist-full of tissue. Real men who KNOW they'll get to fuck a glam goddess like me if they want to. But you KNOW you'll never get to. Just make way for the real men and jerk off into your tissue reject-boy. I don't want you to ever cum again unless it's caught in tissue and flushed down the toilet!
Terri Lou
15/03/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Boo-hoo - Only Tissue for You-hoo - #Humiliation