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I know a submissive bitch like you when we see one. You worship girls like me - you just can't help but stare at how perfect I am. My superior, hot young body, my long dark hair, my stunning good looks. You are so inferior. Girls don't want to date wimps like you - we don't want to fuck you - we don't want to waste any attention on you at all. Girls like me made your life a fucking misery when you were young didn't we? Taunting you and teasing you all the time and nothing has changed now you're older. We make you to look at our dream-girl bodies and understand that you will never have us - all you're good for is serving girls like us and getting totally fucking humiliated. You know what's instore for you dontcha? A life of humiliation at the hands of all my hot, popular girlfriends. You have no idea just how 'mean-girls' we can get on a beta like you. Imagine a whole room full of beautiful models with a no-limit pass to humiliate a beta wimp like you. We'll make you strip for us so we can ridicule every part of you. We'll put you on all fours and make you oink for us as we laugh and point at your ugly piggie body and that'll just be the start of your humiliation. You're going to be ridiculed and abused for our fun - because you're an ugly pig and it is exactly what you deserve!

Added: 10 Apr 2020
Clip Length: 10m 00s