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Fetch Me A Real Man Cuckold
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I'm such the perfect girlfriend. I know you've wanted to catch up with the guys for a while so I'm giving you permission to go out and have your fun. The catch? Yeah there's a catch - you're a beta cuckold after all and beta cuckolds just don't get to play with the alpha boys and girls at the club without paying for their fun with humiliation. I want you to take the hottest photo you have of me out with you tonight. Maybe the selfie I took looking incredible in my best lingerie set. I want you to approach hot alpha guys on the lookout for a hook-up and show them the photo of your beautiful girlfriend. Tell them all about me, tell them how I love to cheat on you, how great I am in bed, how much I LOVE to suck cocks, and how I love to humiliate you while I'm getting the kind of alpha-fuck I deserve. Tell them I'm waiting for them at home, in our bed, dressed just as I am in the photo. Tell them if they come home with you tonight, they'll get to drink your beer and fuck your beautiful girlfriend while you wait on us like a pathetic cuckold coward. You're going to go out tonight cucky and you WILL bring me back a hot, alpha stud to fuck - or I'll just have to fuck one of your friends instead!
Terri Lou
17/09/2019 - 8 minutes
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