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Fuck Little Miss Basic Or Humiliated By Me
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Here's the choice loser. Either you can go home right now and fuck your basic girlfriend or you can stay right here with me and get totally fucking humiliated. Boring sex with little miss basic - or no sex with a too-good-for you girl of your dreams? Go home and you get to cum inside a plain, beta bitch or stay and be laughed at, ridiculed and made to jerk off by an out-of-your league goddess. It's no competition is it loser - you’re gonna blow her off for me and take whatever I give you. You'd trade her for me, pouring my real man's condoms into your mouth and calling you a faggot as your jerk of wouldn’t you. You'd trade her for being made to dance for me in pink panties and a bra. You'd trade her for an emasculating strap-on ass fucking. Admit it loser - you'd take whatever humiliation I decide instead of your boring girlfriend.
Lucie Jones
21/12/2018 - 8 minutes
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