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Hold My Bag While I Fuck Brad
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I hope you did a good job cleaning Brad's football boots while he took me out on a date. Haha! I guess you're a little upset that your dream-girl crush left you here with Brads boots while he had his hands all over me in the club huh? Did it make you jealous? Like I'd ever be interested in you anyway! So, Brad's in the bedroom right now - waiting for me to put on my best bedroom lingerie to fuck me in. I've been teasing the fuck out of him all night - whispering all the things I want to do to him tonight. He's gonna get the prize you could only wish for loser. He's going to fuck your dream-girl crush while I totally ignore you. All you get is to stand in the corner holding my pretty purse with your nerd-cock locked up in its little device. My real man will fuck me right in front of you while you cry tears of shame from the end of your chastity device. You're gonna feel so emasculated holding my little purse while I'm fucked - like it's the only job you're good for in the bedroom. And when we're done - I'll take back my purse and leave you to tidy up after us.
Daisy Dillon
04/02/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Hold My Bag While I Fuck Brad - #Cuckolding