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My boyfriend is totally on board with my idea, sissy. He's agreed for you to live with us as our submissive on one condition - you will live as a girl. You'll be completely feminized, and we'll keep you as our enslaved sissy-girl. It's SO important to us that you are completely convincing as a girl so you will be transformed into a perfect bimbo for us. We'll train your waist in an extreme body reshaping corset. You'll be made to wear it 24 hours a day until you have an hourglass figure with the tiniest girliest waist. My boyfriend wants you to have XXL boobs too, so you'll be given huge bimbo breast implants. Your body is already wimpy and feminine so with careful dieting I'll be able to turn you into the perfect slave-girl for me and my real man. I'll teach you how to fix your makeup the way he likes and how to style your long hair extensions into a cute look. You're gonna look so pretty in your steel collar and cuffs as you slave away for us every single day. When you're let out of your cage, you'll cook and clean for us and take care of all the chores we're too good for. And of course there are going to be some special chores for you that I'm sure you’re gonna really enjoy - like sucking my boyfriend's big hard cock after his day at the office, or the humiliating punishment sessions we're going to put you through just for our entertainment... You have a lot to look forward to in your new life, sissy.

Added: 14 Apr 2020
Clip Length: 9m 55s