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Panty-Gagged While You Spoil Me
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Open wide loser I want you to hold my worn panties in your mouth while we go shopping. I don't need to hear you while I'm spunking all your hard-earned cash away on shoes, bags and hot things to wear - all I need is for you to punch in your pin number every time I see something cute to buy and to carry all my shopping bags. You're gonna follow me around from store to store with my panties stuffed inside your mouth and pay for everything I want, and the best thing is - you won't even be able to say 'no' even as I destroy your last bit of credit. Let's hope nobody tries to talk to you while you're chewing on my panties huh loser!
Danni Maye
17/11/2018 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Panty-Gagged While You Spoil Me - #findom