Roxee Couture

Remember the popular, pretty, rich girl from high school? Of course you do, how could you forget? I used to call you names and take your lunch money. Now, you are all grown up and have even had some success. You have got yourself a decent job. However, I know why you pushed yourself so hard academically. Deep down you are still the same insecure wimp. Back then I took your pocket change, and now I deplete your bank account. You're still the same old loser, and your facade doesn't fool me. I will keep bullying you, taking what is rightfully mine, and fucking your mind into oblivion. I'm going to live in your mind forever, controlling you, reminding you who owns you, and never letting go. Reprogramming and shaping you into my desperate, weak, brain dead slave. Forever in debt to Goddess Allexandra.

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