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Sissy Sent To The Store
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Your maid's uniform is so pretty sissy. All those frills, the soft satin, the apron tied in a big bow and that little cap on your head - you look adorable. It's a little too short for you but the ruffled panties are keeping your chastity device safely hidden away under there. And I know those 6in heels are a little difficult to walk in but they make your long stocking-clad legs look so gorgeous. I had to lock the heels on to your feet, of course, the little padlocks look so cute and they match the locks on that pretty French maids' uniform. It looks like you're ready for your first chore as my personal sissy maid. I just need you to head to the store to pick up some groceries for the meal you'll be cooking for me and my real man tonight. Aw - that look of terror was just what I was expecting sissy. Is it the thought of walking all the way to the store dressed like a sissy maid that's scared you or the thought of serving my real man at dinner? Both are going to be seriously humiliating aren't they sissy? Wiggling around the store with everyone laughing at you as you put things into your basket. Standing in the line at the checkout unable to escape the pointing and giggling coming from all directions. And then having to greet my man with a pretty curtsey and a 'yes sir / no sir' every time he talks to you. Yes sissy, I can totally understand why you look so terrified. Now off you go before the store gets too busy.
Lucie Jones
31/05/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Sissy Sent To The Store - #PublicHumiliation