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Turned Gay To Date Me For A Day
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I'm SO hot right? Guys like you look at girls like me and literally drool. I'm unobtainable to a loser you - completely out of your league and you know it. So, if a girl like me were to give you the slightest scrap of attention your whole world fucking changes. I guess it would literally blow your mind if a girl as hot as me agreed to go out on a date with you wouldn't it? You'd be the envy of all the guys. Even other hot girls would look at you differently as soon as they see you with me. I'm an instant status upgrade for a loser like you and it’s all within reach... all you have to do is suck cock for me? I'm serious loser - one whole date-night with me and all you have to do is wrap your faggot mouth around another man's cock and suck him until he cums down your throat. It'll be SO worth it, right? Just one totally humiliating experience in exchange for a whole date-night with your dream-girl. You'll do it won't you faggot? You'll suck cock for me? You get to date me for one night and I get to watch you submit to another man's hard cock and emasculate yourself. I love having this power over you faggot - I want to know if you'll actually do this for one date and give up your sexuality and go gay just to get one date with me.
Lucky Luxe
22/11/2019 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - Turned Gay To Date Me For A Day - #ForcedBi