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You Get Nothing Above The Knee
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Take a good look at my pretty face, my big tits and my perfect ass loser because this is the last you're gonna see it. Losers like you don't deserve to drool over anything above the knee - all you get to jerk off to are my cute shoes and my pretty feet. That's your sex life now loser - jerking off to hot girls' feet, sexy shoes or cute socks. Don't you dare look at me - don't you dare look at anything above my knee - it's just feet for you. If I catch you trying to sneak a look at my hot body any higher than knee-level - you'll be locked back into chastity and left with blueballs for another month. If I am generous enough to allow you to jerk off - you'll do it while worshiping my feet like the loser you are. Stay down and admire the tiny part of me that losers like you are permitted to.
Lucie Jones
18/03/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - You Get Nothing Above The Knee - #LegWorship