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You're Gonna Go Gay For Me Tonight
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I've totally broken you from being the guy who had the nerve to ask a girl like me to go out with him to a pathetic, submissive wussy. I've destroyed your self-esteem with verbal humiliation and cuckolding you. I've robbed you of your masculinity by locking you into chastity and force-feminising you. I publicly humiliated you in front of my girlfriends and had so much fun reducing you to the sissy wimp you are today - but now I need to make you do something seriously emasculating - just to give me the same buzz I had at the start of all this. Which is why I'm going to watch a man fuck you tonight. Just for my entertainment I'm going to rob you of your sexuality and watch as a thug fucks your sissy ass right in front of me.
Becky Dee
01/02/2019 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - You're Gonna Go Gay For Me Tonight - #fORCEDbI