Alexis Reed

Peaches are supposed to be sweet right? I really can be sweet - but only to real men - not to a loser like you. Real men know how to handle girls like me. Real men know how to get all the sweet treats they deserve. Real men get their cocks sucked. Real men get to fuck me and real men get to cover Peaches in their cream. Losers like you NEVER get anything sweet from girls like me. All you'll get from me is laughter at and rejection. You'll get humiliation. You'll get teased and denied while I let other men have all the fun they want. I'll cage your cock in chastity and hide it away in pansy-panties while I make real men hard with my hot, young body. I'll rinse you of all your money to spend on cute outfits to please my boyfriends with. I'll turn you into a feminised, pussy-denied faggot so that there's more girls for real men to choose. Peaches aren't sweet for rejects like you, loser - Never Ever!

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