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Bullied In Panties
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You ARE going to wear them sissy - you're going to wear panties all day EVERY day. You're going to wear them to work, to the gym, on dates - you're even gonna wear them to bed. I want you squirming in panties 24/7. Sissies deserve to be kept in panties - and sissies deserve to be bullied in panties too. I'm going to make sure you are trapped in them - If I Skype you, you'll be expected to show me you're wearing panties. I don't care who you're with or where you are - you'll show me you're wearing them. If one of my bratty girlfriends Skype's you - you'll show her too. If my boyfriend Skype's you - guess what - you'll show him too. Not only will you be kept on panty-monitor 24/7 but we're going to be to be HUMILIATING you for being in your panty-predicament too. You're going to be laughed at and made fun of because you're a sissy - wearing girl's panties for a punishment haha! How fucking pathetic. Don't even think of breaking the rules either, sissy - unless you want EVERYONE to find out that you're a sissy! We have evidence remember!
22/03/2019 - 12 minutes
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CruelBrats - Bullied In Panties - #sissy