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Chained Up At The Gloryhole
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My real man was expecting a first class blowjob from you last night, sissy. I spent hours making sure you looked perfect for him - your face was painted, your eyebrows plucked, your body shaved smooth. I dressed you in the cutest sissy outfit and porn-star heels and gave you a pretty, bimbo-blonde wig. My boyfriend was expecting you to give him the best blowjob of his life. It's just a shame your cock-sucking skills weren't as good as you looked! It seems you need a lot more practice sissy so tonight I'm dragging you along to the local gloryhole, where I've made plans for a full night of cock-sucking training. The toilets in the sex-shop have a cock-hole in one of the cubicle walls and I have had hooks attached either side to fasten your sissy cock-sucking face nice and tightly. I'm gonna shackle your girlie wrists and ankles to the toilet and I'm going to leave you there to suck a queue of strangers all night long. You're going to be filled with anonymous cock all night long while I'm at home with my real man - making up for the sorry excuse for a blowjob you gave him last night. You're gonna get a stomach full of stranger's cum in a disgusting public toilet while I'm having fun at home with my boyfriend. I'll be back for you at 9am sissy... if I remember to come back at all!
Kitty K
17/05/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelBrats - Chained Up At The Gloryhole - #CumEatingInstruction