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Chastity Tease 2 - Denied FOREVER
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All you can do is sit on your hands while I tease the fuck out of you loser. Watch your dream girl how you all what you'll never ever have. You don't get girls like me - you don't get any girls at all! Your little loser-cock is all squished up inside its chastity device and that's the way it's gonna stay FOREVER! Yes it is loser boy. I'm keeping you locked up and denied for the rest of your life just so I can tease you over and over again. You're gonna wish you never gave that key to me because your life is going to be one big tease and denial nightmare. My hot body, my pretty face my huge tits are gonna make you so desperate to get out of that device but you're not going anywhere loser. You're gonna sit right there and watch me and listen to me make fun of you. I'm going to humiliate you for not being the kind of real man that gets to fuck girls like me. I'm going to ridicule you for being a wimp - locked in chastity. No getting hard, no jerking off, no cumming for you. All you get is laughed at while I make you suffer in that cage for me. This is what you deserve for failing as a man chastity-boy. Teased, teased and teased in your little cock-cage by your perfect dream-girl goddess.
Alexis Reed
05/04/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelBrats - Chastity Tease 2 - Denied FOREVER - #chastity