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Cum Eating Instruction = Sexuality Destruction
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You're being mind-fucked into being a cum-eating faggot by watching CEI humili-porn, gooning at hot girls making you to cum into your own mouth. CruelBrats is turning you gay, faggot! Me and the other brats have been tricking you - making you think it's all for us - that we actually enjoy watching you eat your own cum! No faggot - we don't just want you to eat cum - we want you to turn gay too! We've made you watch all our bratty CEI clips just to turn you gay. You still enjoy a hot girl humiliating you and encouraging you into doing it - telling you to aim your mess right into your own mouth or making you scoop up your own slime from all over your face but don't NEED us anymore do you? You're already so manipulated into being a faggot that you'd open your mouth because a MAN wants you to. Every CEI clip I make you watch takes you a little closer to taking cum straight from a real cock. I'm going to keep you on diet of CEI clips until you are TOTALLY gay - and then I'm going to make you do it for real - I'll make you suck another mans cock and watch you eat his cum!
Lucky Luxe
17/04/2020 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - Cum Eating Instruction = Sexuality Destruction - #CumEatingInstruction