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Girl's Night Chastity Victim
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I'm having a girl's night in with all my hot girlfriends - Teagan, Megan, Courtney and YOU - all locked up in your chastity device. I know you love my girlfriends coming over. Their short skirts, long hair, cute asses and toned bodies make you drool and they take full advantage! Teasing you, flirting and letting you have the occasional glimpse of their perfect cleavages. It's gonna be just the same tonight except you're gonna be safely locked away in chastity and all tied up! The girls can't wait... to tease and humiliate you ALL NIGHT. You're gonna be so frustrated, tightly bound while we play with each other's hair, try on our new outfits and then - just to be extra cruel - we'll make out right in front of you. Aw you're gonna want to join in so bad but na-ah loser - you'll just sit quietly unless you want us to gag and blindfold you too. You'll watch my girlfriends and I make out while you suffer in that little cage. We're gonna torment you all night long, sitting on your lap while we make out, helping each other in and out of our cute lingerie sets and OMG giving you the lap dance of your dreams. You're gonna get every man's fantasy - just you won't get to enjoy it - not one little bit!
Daisy Dillon
07/04/2020 - 9 minutes
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