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I Love It When Real Men Beat You
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As soon as your bully has finished with you, I'm totally gonna fuck him! Watching him dominating and humiliating you in front of me - OMG it gives me such a kick! It must be so embarrassing for you - having to submit to another guy in front of your hot girlfriend - especially as I enjoy it so much. Did it hurt when I told your bully to teach you a REAL lesson? When I told him to beat you up - just for me? You looked hurt - that your own girlfriend wanted another man to beat you to a pulp. I loved it so much - he slapped you around and made you look so pathetic, but I wanted much more. I wanted him to beat you up much, much worse! Having to beg him not to hit you must have been so emasculating! I LOVED it cuckold. I love watching him do this to you so much which is why I'm going to reward him as soon as he's done with you. I'm gonna fuck him right here while you tremble in the corner. This is what big strong bullies deserve for putting cuckold cowards like you in their place and showing you who's the boss. He gets your girlfriend now. He beat you and now he fucks your girlfriend!
Lucky Luxe
14/03/2020 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - I Love It When Real Men Beat You - #Cuckold