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I'm Gonna Blackmail You Sissy
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Y'know what all my experience fucking with you wimps has taught me? More than anything else, you're terrified of being outed as a SISSY! As soon as I've got you posing for me in a pair of panties, I know you're fucked. You think I was just being cute, telling you that it would turn me on to see you wearing my panties. You thought I would just keep that photo to myself? No loser - it's the start of a deep pit of blackmail for you. As soon as I have a photo of you in my pretty, girly panties you'll do ANYTHING for it not to be shared. You'll wear even more frilly, feminine things. You'll put on a sissy dress, heels, makeup - even a wig Ha-ha! And the more you dress up for me, the more evidence I collect. I tell you that you have to keep doing as I say, or I'll EXPOSE your secret. Do you want my girlfriends to see you dressed like that? Your friends? You boss huh? You're fucked now sissy - you have to keep taking more and more forced-feminization because you're being blackmailed. Where will it end? Will I send you out in public like that? Will I make you work on webcams for me? Will I make you suck cock for me?... I guess we're gonna have to find out sissy!
28/04/2019 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - I'm Gonna Blackmail You Sissy - #sissy