Kitty K

Nobody's gonna blame you for having your reject beta-crush on me, loser. After all - I'm just like all the mean-girl bullies that used to give you all their attention at school right? The girls who used to make fun of you, humiliate you and beat you up - just for fun. The snarky brats you wanted to date - but rejected you. The girls who made you do their homework and stole their lunch money. I'm the same as them - only I'm older, crueller, and know how to treat fucktards like you even worse! I'll take your money - just like they did but instead of doing my homework, you'll take me shopping and buy me hot little outfits for my real men to enjoy. You'll be my cuckold and you'll learn to serve me and the guys I choose to fuck instead of you. If you're lucky - I'll make you watch and clean up their mess after they're done. You were bullied by the brats when you were younger and you're still getting bullied by brats now - that's never gonna change loser.

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