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Locked In Chastity By Your Crush
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When the girls told me you had a crush on me I was like so surprised! I mean I always thought you were kinda cute in that dorky sort of way, but I was sure I had successfully friend-zoned you years ago. But all this time you've been secretly drooling over me? I guess I should be flattered but the truth is I find it a little bit pathetic. Like, you know the kind of guys I go for - strong confident guys - not wimpy dorks like you. The girls think you probably even jerk off to me sometimes. Like jerking off to my Facebook photos or something - it's so gross to even think about it! The girls think you should be locked in chastity and so do I dorky-boy. I'm gonna lock you up in chastity so I don't have to worry about you stroking your cock to the thought of me. I'm gonna keep you all locked up and I'm gonna wear the key around my neck while I'm dating real men. I guess that's gonna be pretty humiliating for you right? You're crush keeping you in chastity while you wish you could be one of her real man dates? Ha-ha, you're not gonna be anyone's date with your cock in their loser.
02/06/2019 - 12 minutes
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CruelBrats - Locked In Chastity By Your Crush - #chastity