Lucie Jones

Seriously - do girls like me really exist? Uh-huh loser! I exist and I'm even hotter, even prettier and even meaner than the hype! I know you little weazles inside out - I know all your faults, all your insecurities all your secret fantasies and I know how to exploit every one of them for my personal gain. You'll pay for my lifestyle because you'll be terrified of anyone else finding out all the things I know about you. You'll obey all my orders because you can't help but submit to me. Whether you're trapped out of fear or out of your beta genetic obligations to superior Alpha Glamazon's like me - I don't really care. What matters is that you do what I say without a fuss. You'll wear the panties I give you, you'll wear the chastity device I tell you to, you'll take the punishments I decide to give you and you'll suffer all the humiliations I force upon you. I am better than you, loser - don't ever fucking forget it!

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