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You knew it was going to be humiliating - being your ex-girlfriend's sissy maid... Keeping my place clean and tidy, running errands for me, cooking and serving my meals and drinks while dressed in an emasculating sissy-maid uniform. You also knew that if your performance as my maid fell short of my expectations you would be humiliated even more! You've been a lazy sissy-maid this week, so you’ve earned yourself a punishment and I'm gonna get my new boyfriend to give it to you sissy. Do you wanna know how my new boyfriend intends on punishing you when he gets here? My man will come over and you'll greet him at the door with a pretty curtsey. You'll take his coat and fetch him a drink. You'll serve our evening meal like a good little waitress and then you'll tidy up after the meal. Once you've finished your maid duties, you'll fetch your collar and leash and I will fasten them to your neck and lead you to where my new boyfriend is waiting where he will administer a thorough spanking. You're going to present yourself over his lap and lift your pretty dress so that he can spank you long and hard for your lazy behaviour and you will thank him for each blow. I'm not even going to hide my giggles as you pathetically cry 'Thank you Sir' after every crack of his palm on your sissy maid ass. Maybe this will teach you not to be such a lazy sissy maid in this household from now on sissy!

Added: 21 Apr 2020
Clip Length: 10m 15s