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I know it's humiliating - it's supposed to be! It's totally, totally embarrassing for you. You look like such a sissy in your pretty dress with the ribbons and bows - is that why you're blushing so much? Or is it the feminine breast forms I've made you fill your bra with? Or perhaps it's the lingerie you're wearing or the platform heels? Tell me, exactly how ashamed of yourself are you right now, sissy? Modelling your frilly uniform for a bratty mean-girl as I make fun of you and laugh at you? You should feel SO ashamed of yourself but it's gonna get way, way worse for you because I'm going to make you suck another femboi's cock right in front of me. You're gonna be blushing a lot, lot more when his girly-cock is in your mouth sissy! I'm going to make the two of you put on a little kissy-kissy show for me. Two pansy sissies kissing each other for my entertainment - lifting up each other's dainty ruffles and touching each other like 2 virgins. I'm gonna make you kneel down and put the other sissy-girl's cock in your mouth - then you'll be truly humiliated - sucking another sissy's cock while I supervise. I'm going to watch and laugh as you perform your first sissy blowjob and I'm going to call you names and totally humiliate you as you suck her until she empties her sissy-load down your throat. Swallow all her sissy-cummies like a good girl for me!
Lucky Luxe
11/04/2020 - 10 minutes
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