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Sissy Shaming
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Do you know what kind of people are the easiest to humiliate? Sissies like you are. Submissive sissy boys who wear panties are so easy to humiliate. You know as soon as anyone finds out that you wear panties you'll never be seen as a man again. What's even worse is when a hot girl like me finds out that you wear panties isn't it sissy? Instead of being seen as a real man - a potential date - boyfriend material, you're just a pathetic panty-wearing pansy. You become an object of ridicule - something to make fun of and humiliate. A hot girl like me calling you a sissy - in front of all my girlfriends. Calling you out for being less than a man - haha! That must crush your little sissy heart. And then - when a girl like me finds out - a girl who enjoys humiliating wussy -wimps like you, it's only a matter of time before your secret is exposed. Every hot girl I know will be giggling and pointing at you in no time - calling you a sissy and judging you for wearing panties. You'll beg me not to tell on you. You'll beg me not to expose you for being a sissy but I'm going to do it whatever you say - sissies deserve to be humiliated and shamed. Aren't I right sissy?
Alexis Reed
03/08/2019 - 11 minutes
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