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Suck For Your Job Faggot
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So your boss came over to see you because apparently you've been underperforming and he wanted to fire you. I begged him not to fire you and I think he was kinda sympathetic because he suggested a solution that will save your job. He wants us both to come to the office to suck on his big boss-cock. Haha I know - I know it's so fucked up but really it's not a bad idea. Think about it, I'm great at sucking cock so it won't be too difficult to teach you and sure it's gonna be pretty humiliating for you, but it'll be so much fun for me... and him! I think I'll get such a kick out of watching you suck on his Alpha cock - FORCED to suck your boss’s cock to keep your job. He also said he’s gonna record us while we team-up to get him off - he said that knowing he has evidence of your forced-fag shame and your girlfriend's enjoyment sucking on his cock would keep you focused in work. I guess if you're a really good cocksucker for him he'll make it a regular 'thing'. I know I'm gonna put SO much effort in - he's got such a huge cock I'm gonna love sucking it almost as much as you will Faggot!
Terri Lou
13/08/2019 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Suck For Your Job Faggot - #ForcedBi