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Swallow Your Cum Panty-boy!
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You can deny it as much as you like you pervert - I know you've been stealing my panties. You're literally the only person that's been in my room since I set the trap for you. I put my cutest pink ruffle panties right on top of my laundry hamper and I knew you wouldn't be able to resist them! Right after you left I checked and guess what?.. my panties had gone! You’re taking my panties to jerk off into aren't you loser? I'm right aren't I? OMG you are so gross - if you think you're gonna get away with blowing your inferior DNA all over my favourite panties you are SO mistaken. You need to be taught a lesson panty-boy so either I tell my boyfriend what you've been up to or you eat your own cum as punishment. I know you’re not gonna want my boyfriend to find out, so I guess you'd better get jerking your cock like you do with my panties, pervert. I'm gonna watch you eat your own cum up and I want to record it just in case you decide to steal any more of my panties. Jerk off into your own mouth and cum sissy - eat it all up and tell me you'll never steal my panties ever again.
13/05/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Swallow Your Cum Panty-boy! - #CumEatingInstruction